For over a quarter of a century, Ed Noyes has provided the entire gamut of commercial real estate services to the Greater Oklahoma City Metroplex, even statewide when the market dictated.  However, in 2023, ENC will focus entirely on Buyer representation without exception.  The simple fact is that it is very easy for the consumer to access every kind of property that is being marketed from the kitchen table while drinking your morning coffee.  A quick email or phone call to the seller or seller’s rep and arrangements can be made to visit the site and begin the acquisition process.  Of course, there is but one problem with  the scenario.  By default, the potential buyer is now represented by the seller’s rep or unrepresented and negotiating/dealing with the seller himself.

Real estate brokers love to represent both sides of the deal for obvious reasons, fewer conflicts and more commission among them.  And, I have always prided myself at my ability to handle these delicate relationships, representing both buyer & seller equitably.  However, an attorney friend of mine argued with me years ago that representing both sides was, in fact and by definition, not possible.  After much struggling, I acquiesced.

Therefore, in 2023, I will be available to represent Buyers who would otherwise not be represented.  I will be compensated by the Buyer at the onset and at a much reduced level of remuneration than would be paid in the classic real estate transaction.