Recently, I began reading the thousand page, Washington: A Life, by Ron Chernow.  Citing this biography is  noteworthy because it because it reflects today’s challenges.  The global and domestic challenges of 2018 are daunting, but not new.  Moreover, 242 years ago, Thomas Paine, a Washington contemporary wrote…”these are the times that try men’s souls”.   And, so it is today.

This ENC Blog is entertaining and informative.  It is but a portion of EdwardNoyesCompany.Com, the promotion of an Oklahoma City commercial real estate broker.  Thus, it is apolitical.  Moreover, the achievements of General Washington his army stand the test of time.  Leaders must shine a light on the unique American experience.  The national debate must be about American liberty.  This requires an unfettered constitutional republic and a belief in the  preservation of everything American. It demands overpowering military strength, industrial might and unquestioned financial independence. We must have  the will to throw toxic political and religious ideologies into the ash pile of history.

On Christmas Eve, 1776, an inspired Continental army prepares to cross the Delaware River, once again this month.  This time, it is from Pennsylvania into New Jersey, trudging through the snow to Trenton. On Christmas day, the Continentals defeat the British mercenaries in fewer than sixty minutes.  They capture 900 Hessian combatants and seize a much needed bonanza of arms. From that day, the tide turn in the quest of American liberty. The inspired leadership of General Washington drives the ill fed and poorly outfitted Americans to victory.  Defeat is all but a foregone conclusion a month earlier. American independence from England was and is an example of American grit and exceptionalism.  These embers burn brightly to this day, the eve of the battle at Trenton 242 years ago.   And, for that, thank General Washington.