Ed Noyes is an Oklahoma City commercial real estate broker who has been engaged in that industry for almost 23 years.  As Proprietor Broker of Edward Noyes Company(ENC), he demonstrates the ability to represent both sellers and buyers alike.  Also, Ed has 25 years experience in the commercial banking & regulatory industries, specifically commercial lending.  As a result, this qualifies him to assess any business situation, to include a client’s financial capabilities.

A commercial real estate broker who can represent his client optimally, Ed faces diverse business challenges every day.  As a broker, he represents clients working through foreclosures & short sales. He handles 1031 tax-free exchanges and the challenges of start-up businesses. Ed has vast experience in both bull & bear real estate markets.  He has seen oil & gas price instability and industry staggering state and federal regulation. Over the years, Ed Noyes has closed every conceivable real estate transaction.

It is Ed Noyes’ position that the Oklahoma public can be confident with the level of expertise that the  Oklahoma Real Estate Commission mandates.  As the years pass, Ed is continually impressed with the professional standards imposed by OREC.  He is even more impressed with the licensees acceptance and adherence to these standards.  Certainly there are differences of opinion among brokers. And, there exists fierce competition for clients.  But in the greater scheme of things, the consumer is the big winner in Oklahoma.  Not only as a broker, but as a financial professional, commercial real estate transactions have influenced Ed significantly for decades.  Without question, Oklahoma, has to rank among the elite with regard to its licensed commercial real estate service providers.  Both the Buyer & Seller win.  This is a great thing for the industry and the state of Oklahoma.